Garage Door Track Repair

We install and repair garage door tracks in the Rancho Cordova area.

When you are in need of garage door track repair, we at Rancho Cordova Overhead Door are here to help you. We understand the inconvenience that this can cause, as it means that you can’t open or close your door without it getting stuck. Not only can this cause home security issues, but it also means you may not be able to get your car in or out of the garage.

We aim to provide fast service, and we are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can provide you with service on the same day you call so that you can get back to your everyday life again as soon as possible.

Damaged Garage Door Track

Sometimes your garage door track can be bent, or it can be out of alignment with the other track, causing the door to stick. We can determine the scope of the damage and replace or repair the track before it causes damage to the garage door. We will properly align the tracks to one another to enable the door to slide smoothly without obstruction.

Other Garage Door Parts

We will make sure to properly fit the cables and springs that hold the garage door in place, and we will also see to it that the rollers are in working condition. We will inspect the margin between the rollers and the hinges, and we will work to align all working parts together to ensure a seamless experience, as you open and close your garage door.

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